Privacy Policy

Information we may collect

We (and service providers we authorize) collect information you provide via our website or any of our customer service channels on our website, including, but not limited to, by phone, email, personal shopping visits or through Our instant chat (where available). We and our service providers collect this information when you visit our website or from third parties who are authorized to share your information with us. Note that we or our authorized service providers may collect some of this information even if you are not a registered user or you have not registered any orders.

Such information may include:

  • Contact and personal data such as: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, billing and payment information, date of birth, gift recipient data, gender, nationality and personal shopping preferences.
  • Statistical information for the website, such as: where you live, the address you use to access the site, ٬ browser, device type / fingerprint, your computer’s IP address, domain type, the pages you visited, the search terms you entered, and the items you clicked.
  • Transaction information, including: orders you have made, products you have purchased, dates and times of those orders, as well as orders you have not completed, products you have added to the basket and subsequently deleted, preferences you have notified us or requests to assign certain items.
  • Information from external parties, such as: carriers, payment service providers.
  • The information you have provided to us through online and offline surveys, contests or product registration.
  • Please note that all your payment card details will be made for transaction purposes only and we do not store, sell or rent them. Full details of your payment cards are not available to our employees. All card transactions are managed by trusted, accredited and legally authorized partners who are responsible for ensuring that payment data is kept secure during payment procedures.
  • Your submission of information to third parties is an assurance that you have already obtained their consent.
Our website uses first-party cookies (very small files sent to your computer or other device used to access the website) and other similar technologies that we may access when you visit our website in the future. We may also use third-party cookies.
There Are Five Types of Cookies
– Website functionality cookies: This type of cookie lets you browse the website and use our features like shopping carts. – Website analytical cookies: We use this type of cookie to measure and analyze how our customers use the website. This allows us to continuously improve our website and your shopping experience. – Cookies for client preferences: When browsing the Internet or shopping online, the website will remember your preferences (e.g. username, language or location). This will make your browsing experience simpler, easier and more private. – Targeted advertising cookies: This type of cookie is used to show you ads. In addition, this type of cookie determines how often you see your ad and helps us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. – Cookies of third-party service providers: We may work with third-party companies that are authorized to place third-party cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to store information on the Website. These providers help us give you a better experience, faster and safer. These service providers may use these techniques in the ways described above, and may assist us and assist you in avoiding fraud. – Your use of the Website constitutes your agreement that we and they may place these types of cookies on your devices and access them each time you visit the Website. – If you wish to delete any cookies, please go to your browser’s Help and Support section for information on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. – Please note that if you delete our cookies or disable feature cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or features on our website.
How We Use Your Information:

We (or the entities or companies listed in the “Who We Share Information” section below) may use your information for the following purposes:

  • For any purpose related to the processing or fulfillment of requests or to provide any required service.
  • To verify and execute financial transactions on the website, including checking the balance or detecting fraud.
  • Assist you with your inquiries regarding customer service or provide the required information to manage your accounts.
  • To give you a shopping experience customized or optimized for analytical or statistical purposes.
  • For marketing purposes, including your newsletters or promotional offers to us and our partners unless you decide to refuse to receive such communications.
  • To improve our service or our website.
  • For inclusion in the information we have already obtained through legal means through other sources.
  • To protect our rights, our safety or the safety of others, including the prevention of fraud.
  • For any purpose required by regulations or bylaws.

We may provide instant chat on the site to answer your inquiries. Once this feature is available, we may record and store all conversations. The texts of those conversations are used for customer service purposes only.

We May Share Your Information With Any of The Following
  • Our group companies.
  • Third parties who have been carefully selected and have a relationship with us and are likely to communicate with you or use your data only for reasons previously agreed with us, including marketing.
  • Service providers who perform certain services on our behalf, such as payment processing, information technology, website maintenance, surveys and market research, warehouses and logistics, transport companies, advertising and marketing or any service required to complete your order processing.
  • Professional service providers with whom we deal, such as: legal advisors, audit consultants, financial advisors and insurance consultants.
  • Any assignee having a successor in ownership, operator or potential buyer of the website or the company.
  • Any legal, regulatory, governmental or municipal bodies.
  • Any gift recipient or warranty provider of any kind with respect to your orders.
Communicate With Us & Unsubscribe From Certain Correspondence

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy and cookies, you can contact us by calling us at the toll free number in the UAE (600502008).

  • When you register on the site for the first time with us, you will be able to choose whether to accept or refuse to receive marketing communications from us or from external parties with whom we deal carefully selected. You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe each time you receive marketing communications or a newsletter from us (which are likely to be sent via e-mail, SMS or instant notification, via telephone or direct mail). In addition, you can change your marketing preferences at any time by contacting us as described above.
  • You may also claim to correct any of the incorrect data displayed in your account on the Website by contacting us. In certain cases, you may modify certain information online.
Measures We Take To Protect Your Data
  • The information you provide to us via the website is stored on secure servers. Any payment transactions made through our website are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer technology. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords or access codes of the Website, whether issued to you or you have chosen yourself.
  • We take many steps to protect the integrity of our IT infrastructure, including the implementation of authentication techniques, monitoring, auditing and encryption. We also integrate certain security measures into the design, implementation and day-to-day operations of the website as part of our ongoing commitment to secure electronic content and electronic transmission of information. Despite these efforts, the transmission of information over the Internet in general is not completely secure, and you will be solely responsible for any transfer of data through our website.
  • Your data may be transferred to or stored inside or outside the UAE. By submitting your data to us and using our website, you acknowledge that your data may be sent to countries that apply different levels of protection of personal data. We oblige all third parties to whom any personal data is available to maintain the security, confidentiality and use of such data solely for the purposes agreed with us.
Third Party Websites
This privacy policy and cookies do not apply to third-party websites to which the Website is likely to link. We do not take any responsibility for the practices of these websites in relation to the privacy policy and cookies and we are not responsible for any information you provide to those websites through our website. Please be sure to read these sites’ privacy and cookies policies individually to make sure they are appropriate for you.