Perfumes and Dukhoon are a cultural legacy and an integral part of our Emirati or Gulf culture


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The smells of Dukhoon identity and the heritage of traditions and memories enveloped in the longing of the unforgettable moments of its memorable moments, and its mixture has always been characterized by secrecy in its additional components that distinguish the people of every Emirati house in the past, and its users known from the wind of their essence when they leave the house.

We are in the Shmoukh perfumes, one of the makers and developers of Emirati perfume over the years. We have come to a new kind of perfume in the form of an exceptional blend of colored incense that enters the aroma of joy for users in addition to its various and advanced properties where we mixed ancestral heritage with advanced technology.

Where we invented a new and developed type of colored Dukhoon in many exceptional colors that can be used in many uses, either in the usual traditional way or by the innovative way through electrical devices using water to obtain Dukhoon without smoke.

Yes, it seems a strange term, but it is actually Dukhoon without smoke and not like the types of incense that are used to it, but combinations that bear the flavors of the old Emirati heritage with a modern and advanced technology that we specialized in “Shmoukh Perfumes”. Considered as a mark in the world of perfumery.